High Powered SEO Solutions for Real Businesses

This is the age of the Internet where the competitive market is strongly dominated by search engines. It’s a tested and proven process that the best way to get involved your customers is to come in the search results that your customers are searching every day. This may guide your customers’ satisfaction, they are looking for. This is a proven process to win more business rather than just an advertising and our Sharjah SEO Expert can help you in this.
The world is changing, and it’s changing at a very rapid rate. Every day something new is getting discovered and technology is getting upgraded. One of the major changes in the last few years is the dramatic increase in the popularity and demand of Digital Marketing. This is the time when every business owners and advertisers must know the importance of digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization. This is the time to jump-start with SEO as soon as you open the doors of your shop. We are a leading digital marketing agency in Sharjah and we have the best online marketing experts.

Getting Traffic To Your Website Is Simple

To get more traffic (website visitors and new clients) from Google, there are two ways to follow. The first way is to go with Google AdWords. This is the pay-per-click engine. With this, you bid on keyword phrases and you have to pay for every single click on your ad. If you bid $5 per click per phrase and get 10 clicks, you have to pay $50.
The second way is to optimize your website to come up in Google’s search results. In this results are not immediate, rather it is a brain game to reach the #1 spot. And here comes the expertise of our Sharjah SEO Expert to kick the ball.

Sharjah SEO Expert, Breejraj

Pay Per Click Advertising vs Search Engine Optimization

Suppose, you bid on a keyword phrase that is searched 10,000 times a month. And you have your budget of $1,000 to get clicks on your website because of the other competitors you need to bid $1 per click. You may then have 1,000 visitors for your site and a certain percentage would buy your product or may give a lead to your business.

But with SEO the same $1,000 budget, may take a few months to get ranked on the first page of Google, but the #1 spot gets about 37% of the visitor clicks who search for that term. If you had the ranking of the same keyword that is searched 10,000 times that means you would get about 3,700 visitors coming to your site with a certain percentage that would buy your product or become a lead for your business.
Which would you rather have, 1,000 visitors or 3,700 visitors to your site? But that’s not all…
Because your website optimization is for a particular phrase and that also has optimization for related phrases or keywords. Your website can make double traffic because of the additional traffic the other keywords are bringing to your website.

So which would you rather have, 1,000 visitors or 7,400 visitors?
Round the year you would get 12,000 visitors from Google advertising or PPC and 88,800 visitors from SEO, which is more than 7 months times of PPC.
Even if you only achieved the #1 ranking for 1 month out of 12, your business would still receive 3 times the traffic versus just having an advertisement.
With all the effectiveness of Google Adwords, we can provide you the same kind of traffic you are looking for at a lower price than to your common advertisement. You will then not even think about getting traffic from another source.

Get Started with Our Effective SEO

SEO Process Overview

Our Sharjah SEO Expert has broken down the SEO process into 3 main steps, with specific measurable goals in each.
The first step is the Analysis Phase. During this time, we keep an in-depth look at the competitive landscape and your rankings in the competition. We are also determined to do the required changes on your website to improve your rankings.
The next step is the Optimization Phase in which we will correct or rebuild the pages and content according to the summary of Analysis Phase. This can take several weeks to a month to complete it as it depends on the number of pages. After the optimization, the changes to these pages are generally minimal and are based on the ranking data that we review.
The third step is ranking increasing Phase. It starts as soon as the keyword selection process has been completed. As it is a time intensive process and may take several months to be effected, we start working on it as soon as we can. So that the ranking improvements can be started almost immediately. This is an ongoing process that constantly evolves.

Why us?

We understand that as a business expense, this needs a positive return on investment. Our Sharjah SEO Expert makes sure that your SEO goals match perfectly with your business goals so that a good return is possible. This is 100% true with search engine optimization.
There are so many things that make us separate from other local SEO companies in Sharjah. We understand the business philosophy and know that the technology will be replaced, devices will be changed, people’s habits will also be changed, but the one thing that will remain consistently is people’s general desire to have information through an easy format.
We believe in a simple philosophy to help people in finding the information which they are looking for and that is what our Sharjah SEO Expert does.
This may mean that one day we don’t do search engine optimization anymore because that’s not how people find information in the future and we are OK with that. Whatever people decide to use then, we will be there making sure that businesses get found, whether it’s local, international, or just main street Dubai, we will figure out how to get your message out there.
We are a reputed digital marketing agency not only in Sharjah but also in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and entire UAE. Not only this, our several clients are from UK and US.
We gained this trust with our effective SEO that provides excellent Return On Investment.